Client Spotlight: BloomsyBox

About the client:

BloomsyBox provides beautiful bouquets by subscription – delivered straight to subscribers' doorsteps from sustainable farms around the globe. 

What we do:

We have been partnering with BloomsyBox for over a year now, providing our full suite of services for their business. 

  • Copywriting: Write On creates original copy for BloomsyBox marketing materials including postcards included with monthly shipments, emails delivered to customers, radio spots for promotions, and more. 
  • Social Media: We personally manage BloomsyBox social media accounts, serving as their Social Media Strategist. In this role, we create original photography for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; create and maintain editorial schedules; communicate directly with influencers for promotional purposes; and provide strategy and insight solutions to grow the brand's social reputation. 
  • Content Development: Along with social media management and strategy, we also provide BloomsyBox with content development for their blog and website. We have created content for several pages at and our creative campaigns for the BloomsyBox Blog have garnered attention from major brands such as Forbes

We are proud to partner with businesses who not only provide quality goods, but also do good in the process. BloomsyBox only works with Fair-Trade certified farms, meaning both their flowers and the farmers are treated with the utmost care. 

It's also not a bad gig that we get beautiful blooms sent to us on the regular. Market research has never been more beautiful!